Im planning to buy the following uniform.


Im planning to buy the following uniform. What are your opinions on these uniforms?

  1. Medusa

  2. Collosus

  3. Star Lord IW

  4. Rocket Raccoon IW

  5. Black Widow IW

  6. Hela Ragnarok

Or there are better options? I already have Cap IW, Ironman IW, WS IW, Thanos IW, Wolverine AOA, WM IW, Hulk Ragnarok, BP MCU BP, Thor Rag, Spidey HC, Doc IW, Elsa MU,Iron fist,



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If you’re getting into endgame content, I would prioritize hela. Getting the best ctp for pve is pretty worth it if you have someone who can use it well like a well built cable, Deadpool, winter soldier, etc.

If not, I would go with the IW uni’s. The ones you listed all make them solid characters.

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Replace RR and Colossus with IW Spidey and Thor.

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But i already have Ragnarok and HC. Is it worth to buy these two for IW uniforms? Is that much of an upgrade from Rag and HC to IW uniforms?

The increase in damage is very worth it. You won't use Colossus or RR much anyway except for some low level SL clears. So, you don't really need their unis.

Thanks for tips. I guess you are right.

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