How do I use psylocke in gbr?

How do I use psylocke in gbr? Any teams, tips, etc?

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Make sure she’s lvl 70. I use ancient one (L) and shuri. Shuri because she gives good defensive support as well. Don’t just face tank the boss. Play it like cable. When he’s doing beam on the right, ready to use 5 on his left side. Also don’t do 3c5. She needs to always be either in her 5 i frame or her 3 imunity. Always aware of the boss attack. Run or switch when he’s about to jump. And i switch to ancient 1 for the heal if i need it.

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Thanks for helping so much. Although, I’m still building lots of T2 natives (Cable, SW, Apoc, Thanos, etc). Is she worth taking resources and time out to lvl70?

Depends on your priority. For me personally, i would get that sw asap

Thanks. I’m still gonna build cable first since I will anyway and just bought his uni but sw seems op

I would bring her to 62, that is mostly a big boost in general for T2 content and else concentrate on Wanda.

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Wasp (L) and shuri

She will get 1 shotted, so proc run, proc run, proc run

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Thanks I used Valkyrie instead of shuri since I have her T2’d. Works but still quite difficult

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