Does this just mean it stops at R6?

After a particularly bad string of WBI (10 basic special chests in a row), I started looking for info on WBI drop rates and found this blurb in game: “The rewards you can acquire depend on the rank of your selected character...”

Does this just mean it stops at R6? Does T2 increase it? T3? Growth Score? Which character is counted? All 3? Just the leader? Just the character you’re using when combat ends? There’s not much transparency here.

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Every rank and t-2 increases the drop rate, and that the rank counts for every character in the wbi, including your teammates characters.

It’s still all rng though and it’s hard to say if it really makes a difference because it can feel like it doesn’t.

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Some transparency from NM would be nice on this. :-\\ Thanks for your explanation.

I read this also. Kinda discouraging to be deploying your strong characters and then you see a team with hulkling on it. But totally rng because i still think i got a green chest on that run

Maybe he's the top ranked Hulkling in the world with full awakened ISO8, Power of an Angsty Hulkling, maxed skills and all mythic Uru!

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