So I have 3500 crystal left.

So I have 3500 crystal left. Planning to get 4 more unis before sale end.

My consideration right now are:

- Magneto uni, it buff the char, better use on SL, ABX and GBR

- IW Hulkbuster uni, well I just like Hulk relate in general

- The Wasp uni, buff her to usable on SL, and good support on TL, WBU, also she's gone in MCU so no chance she get new uni anytime soon

- IW Raccoon OR Falcon Legacy uni. Now I'm really torn between the 2. Raccoon make him quite good, but then he's still more or less only use on SL, but the sale is bigger on him and without the BF sale, I don't think of getting him at all. Falcon Legacy is simply worse than Raccoon, but cheaper, but also mean lower sale, and his main attract point is he's option on 4 of great unis.

Would very appreciate your opinion on which uni should I get. My IGN is Alex Yoo 2390. Thanks in advance.

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I believe if you like the character, you should get it. That’s all what this game is about, playing with your favorite marvel characters. So I would recommend hulk buster since it makes him usable.

If you’re planning on getting t-3 mag, then get his uni. Otherwise, it’s pretty lackluster.

Wasp uni is pretty good for the reasons you said. Also helps with GBR and AC. So that’s makes her relevant for 5 game modes which is worth imo.

If you’re still trying to finish all 30 stages of SL, then IW RR has more value. If you can already easily do SL, then the stat boosts from falcon are more valuable than maybe using rocket once a week in SL.

Also, would definitely save for Sharon Rogers and Luna’s uni from next update if you use them.

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I still have a couple of Stark days left after BF sale end so I think I could still get new ShaRogs uni not that long after the update. As for Luna, mine is stucked at 6\* so really not plan to get her uni unless NM could provide a free source of bios for her. Yeah, Mag and Raccoon uni is not really rub it right for me. But then other option beside them is: \- Falcon as I said above \- Agent Venom (who is stucked in 6\* like Luna so not really want to pull the trigger on him) \- Beast AoA (Just for a 5% of damage buff seem like a rip-off to me) \- Rogue AoA (Not neccessary, it provide almost nothing) \- Colossus (Same, not really much change and look worse) \- Groot (Both uni doesn't provide much at all, either pure healing support or mediocre damage dealer) \- Antman (Just plain not worth it, bad uniform overall) \- PymTron (I don't plan to buy the A&tW pack anytime soon so not really help) \- Gwenpool (only use in SL and I'm not even finish building her, a long way to go) I don't really plan on future much as I feel the game is on cruising mode already, until Capt Marvel movie at least, nothing would spike the excitment bar much, as well as which the current trend of the game, who know how long it would hold out.

Hulkbuster is my favorite out of your list. His IW uni improves him quite a bit with attack and defense (reduced damage when attacked), but he’s not much of a PvP character unfortunately. Edit: removed stupid suggestion I made before checking your IGN, sorry.

Based on what you said, pymtron and falcon seem to be the best choices imo. Even though you don’t plan on buying ant man legendary battle, it’s a guaranteed ctp when you do, so pymtron would be good. Makes him a great shadowland villain too. If you ever plan on trying to get more ctps, get pymtron now, since it’s on discount. Falcon isn’t exactly necessary, but it’s pretty cheap and it seems like you can expend on nonessential unis. The bonus stats on characters I use everyday is better than characters I hardly use.

Hey, werewolf914, just a quick heads-up: **neccessary** is actually spelled **necessary**. You can remember it by **one c, two s’s**. Have a nice day! ^^^^The ^^^^parent ^^^^commenter ^^^^can ^^^^reply ^^^^with ^^^^'delete' ^^^^to ^^^^delete ^^^^this ^^^^comment.

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