I need to clear at least 25 stages of SL.

I need to clear at least 25 stages of SL. I'm strict F2P. I need a roadmap, or a proper guide as to which toons I should build, and which stages are perfect for them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that I'm F2P, and need to build my roster ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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If you really like the game, buying a stark stash for a very small amount of money will open that 2nd slot in Co Op rewards, earning you +/- 2.5 mil gold daily which will help you advance more easily in addition to the good amount of crystals you get for such a low price

For SL: you need to build a balanced roaster as follows:

1) Cheap Characters that gets very strong with their unis:

IW Cap, IW War Machine,IW Thor, IW Black Widow, IW Winter Soldier & IW Spider man, Punisher

Note: If you have other characters that needs unis at 6* prioritize getting their unis

2) Villains:

Magneto, Loki, Sandman, Titiana, Skurge, Klaue & Hela ""

3) Characters that are good without a uni:

Shuri, Iron Hammer, Robbie, Mantis. Sharog & A1

4) Daily farming for all epic quests charcters:

All can do a stage on their own so you need to get all of their daily bios Priortize Satana over her brother

5) Epic Quest Characters will get you the difficult stages

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Great guide, I agree with everything you’ve said. Just want to add a couple characters. Mysterio and Kraven are also very good villains and always come in useful in SL. Mysterio in particular is very underrated and can also clear 100k abx on blast villain day. Farming those two also gives vulture bios and he’s a great villain. He’s extremely useful in SL without his uni, but becomes a monster in AC with it. He’s also the best F2P option for speed villain abx.

Kraven is really good, I gave him 180 Dmg Proc & he's melting wave modes in SL, Mysterio on the other hand struggles in terms of DPS even at T2.. There are a lot of Good characters I didn't mention that are also good as [FinalScout](https://www.reddit.com/user/FinalScout) mentioned below...

Hmmm really? I feel like Mysterio’s DPS is not that bad for me tbh. Maybe it’s just because I have a good rotation for him, but he reliably clears SL over stage 20 for me and I used him in blast villain abx before I got Magneto. He hit a decent score of 120-130k with no damage proc.

BTW, my IGN is CHAMP0369. If you could spare sometime, and guide me further, I'll be more than happy. No probs of you're busy.

Thanks a lot man! Actually, I am still a kid and obviously don't earn money. My pocket is also under check <cries>. But I managed to get to VIP-1 as you mentioned. I'll definitely keep your guide in mind, and have about 50/60% of your recommended toons already built (thankfully). However, I didn't know that we could use a single-toon to clear SL. I always filled up all 3 slots. I'll definitely try this!

Yeah definitely don’t use more than one character unless you need to! Soloing floors is the best way to go about it because you often won’t even use the other two characters unless it’s a Rumble or Entry stage. For those you may have to use multiple. Just try using one and don’t worry if you fail! There’s no penalty, you can replay the stage and you don’t lose access to the character you lost with. It’s just trial and error! Try to stretch your roster as much as you can in SL.

Sure thing!

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What’s your ign?

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CHAMP0369. I've already made a grave mistake of literally wasting my bios (and overall resources) in levelling up 5 toons to Lvl70. Thanks in advanced again!

First, looking at your cards, you’ll want to prioritize scd. You pretty much want to easily get 50% scd or close to that for any character. This will increase your survivability in SL which you need for lower tier characters to complete SL. You should aim for around 25% skill cooldown reduction, ideally 30% from your cards. After that, in general you want to get ignore defense to 25-30% and then just as much attack and offensive stats. Those are not needed to complete SL though. Besides that, you just need to work on your roster. You should focus on building up characters on where your roster is lacking. (Should be apparent when you run out of a character type in shadowlands) You want to have a balance between all the types: speed, blast, combat, universal, and villains. As for choosing who to build, anyone in the A tier or above on the tier list in the sidebar can reliably do shadowlands. Below that, they need to have good cc. Some notable farmable characters would be the X-men from Deadpool and wolverine missions (storm, cyclops, fantomex), and special mission characters like crystal, sandman, ancient one) You will need to work on getting villains as they are important in SL. Some decent farmable ones are klaue, Loki, pymtron, yellow jacket, skurge, and baron mordo, If you have crystals, iw BW, rocket, or star lord unis will get you easy SL wins. You should build up a character until they can reliably clear a certain stage, and then move on to building the next character. As for native 2s, keep working on Deadpool and wolverine. Once you have them, your next native T2 should be quicksilver. He’s the best value native t2 for his cost.

Thanks a lot for taking out time to help me. Just one more question: which 5 comic cards have you equipped (or recommend on equipping), which are easily farmable from rifts??

Your Loki, marvel zombies, and avenger cards are in pretty good place, but your groot and starlord cards have worthless optional stats. Usually you want to only reroll cards that you don’t have equipped, but you can reroll those equipped cards because they can’t get any worse. Reroll them to get scd first. Once you have scd on both those cards, build up other cards and reroll them until they have better stats than the ones you have. If you get Thor’s ragna uni to mythic, you can get a really good premium card. Other than that, just try to get cards with both good base option stats (atk, ignore defense, and scd). Look at the card guides in the sidebar/wiki to find out which cards give good stats that come from rifts. I don’t know them off the top of my head.

Okay sure, thanks a ton!

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