I’ve been playing casually for a few months now and I haven’t made a TON of progress.

I’m sure people are super sick of this question, but here goes:

I’ve been playing casually for a few months now and I haven’t made a TON of progress. I’m useless in World Boss and I’ve only got 2 Lv. 60 Tier-2’s (Sharog and Skurge). I have one premium uniform (Thor Groot).

I’m sitting on 10,500 crystals. I was saving up for either the Magneto pack or the Psylocke pack. I’m 46% through Rise of the X-Men and 35% through X-Force. I could afford 1 of those packs and some uniforms, or I could just get a bunch of uniforms. Or I could grab the Black Panther Extreme pack and one of the others. I don’t know what to do! What combination of packs/uniforms would benefit a player like me the most? As I said, I have basically no uniforms. Should I save some crystals and grab the new Luna Snow and Sharog uniforms? My IGN is Drew Stew if anyone wants to check out my lineup.

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Spend everything on uniforms.They'll take you a long way on abx,world boss and shadowlands.Which will give you more resources to work with to complete epic quests.

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Uniforms will make a significantly larger impact on your progress at this point than Mags or Psylocke pack will. BP I think has a T2 ticket which might be handy at this stage, but its always on sale, where as the 50% uniform sale only happens once a year as well.

Thats 5 easy WB kills, soon to be WBU once you get some T2's going. Deeper progress into shadowlands. ABX. Pretty much everything.

Since you have Sharog, and shes T2, saving some crystals for her uni seems wise. It might sting to be so close to that ticket and leave it though.

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I didn't realize that the BP pack often goes on sale. Does it ever go lower than 3,300? Have the Mags/Psylocke packs ever gone on sale?

Its actually permanently on sale I believe. Im a pretty new player myself so I can't say exactly when it shifted, but it is always 3300 now. To my knowledge the Mags/Psylocke packs have never gone on sale. I had my fingers crossed that might happen for Black Friday here, but if its not happening now, its probably never happened. It will probably only happen once it starts getting outdated.

Well, I bought IW Winter Soldier, IW War Machine, IW Thor, IW Spider-Man, Infinite War Iron Man, IW Doctor Strange, IW Cap, IW Widow, Ragna Loki, Ragna Hulk, Anti-Venom, and Agent Anti-Venom. Got the Mega Rank Up Ticket. Sad about not getting the Deluxe Packs though.

When some of those characters start getting built out and you see how much power they just gained and how much more you will soon be able to do, that sadness will disappear. At least a little bit :) Im sad about delaying those deluxe packs myself, since there are some things I wanted more than anything (primarily rushing Jean). However since I bought my costumes, I've had way more fun playing the game, been able to do more, and become more motivated after seeing that power growth. Positive far outweighs the negatives. Besides, you got all the sale goodies now, and you can buy the packs whenever you get the crystals now without having to wait for a sale or something.

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for your current roster bunch of prem unis gives you more depth for SL ABX WBU, while Psy/mage pack gives you one character + some resource farming missions.

Basic rule for crystals IW/Ragna unis>deluxe packs>BP pack> others

46/35% on EQ means you cant regain 1500 crystals from deluxe packs

its up to you, but i would spend 10k on unis (11 prem unis (IW WS/IM/CAP/SM/WM/Thor/DS, Ragnaloki/hulk, +2 more (maybe QS if you want to work on him) +625 uni(antivenom for WBU)) to get also a mrut and after start saving for deluxe packs.

most of the above characters are easy to farm, especially WS/IM/cap/SM/WM/venom are 1-8 story characters consuming half the resources for ranking/T2, loki/thor/hulk are bio selectable/farmable and also not problem to get them to 6*/T2.

This should give you easy 15 floors of SL even at T1, 5 WBUs a day, most ABX days, which in sum gives you a lot of resources to work on your roster further

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I guess my concern is that it took me a number of months just to get enough for one of the Deluxe packs and I feel like I've already acquired most of the easy to obtain crystals. If I'm not dumping money into the game, how long is it going to take me just to get back to 6,600?

too loooong, i have almost the same situation, f2p, getting crys through lvling characters to 50/60 lvl and so on. i have now 10 unis and 1k crystals, and started saving for mage pack now. But i can clear 20+ SL (23 this week), 5 WBU every day, most of ABX days and have 10+ T2 chars and finished DP EQ today. So its up to you, as i said 10+ IW/Ragna unis give you very good depth of roster and you can farm most of the resources easily (of course except CRYSTALS). Deluxe pack gives you 1 character, some missions and opportunity to get JG/Stryfe.

Well, I bought IW Winter Soldier, IW War Machine, IW Thor, IW Spider-Man, Infinite War Iron Man, IW Doctor Strange, IW Cap, IW Widow, Ragna Loki, Ragna Hulk, Anti-Venom, and Agent Anti-Venom. Got the Mega Rank Up Ticket. Sad about not getting the Deluxe Packs though.

>Sad about not getting the Deluxe Packs though yeah, start saving for them now, by the time you will have 6600, you will probably get Rogue/Cyce/Storm to T2 and finish EQ, so you can get both Magneto and JG and return 1500 crystals from EQ deluxe rewards.

It’ll take a couple months if you level chars up to 60 regularly and place decently high in TL every week. That’s how long it took me to save up for the magneto pack from scratch and I’m completely f2p. I bought all the uniforms I needed first and that made clearing all the content in the game so much easier. Go for unis first and once you feel comfortable with where you are, then save up for a deluxe pack.

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I would recommend the X-Force package. You get a 6-star Psylocke, who's great even at tier one, along with an easier Deadpool progression and a reusable source of phoenix feathers and m'kraan crystals. It's a nice mix of immediate payoff and long-term benefits.

I looked at your roster, and I think I'd recommend IW Thor. It gives Thor a guard hit on his third skill, and if you switch between that and the invincibility on his fifth, he'll be a lot less squishy. Definitely try to max out his skill cooldown, though: the closer it is to the 50% cap, the easier it will be to keep him alive.

This suggestion is outside what you asked, but you should really focus on your cards. The stat boosts from cards is relatively huge and applies to all your characters, so it's worth it to get a bunch of five or six star cards. I'm not suggesting the card loot boxes, but try to run a lot of dimension rifts. Cards are especially helpful for getting skill cooldown up, which will make a bunch of characters really hard to kill with the proper rotation, which in turn will make world boss way easier.

Good luck!

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Yeah, I was ignoring cards for a long time. I just had someone explain them to me earlier this week. Prior to a few days ago, my Cooldown Duration and Ignore Defense were at 5%.

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