I have most non-paywall characters, except Stryfe.

I have most non-paywall characters, except Stryfe. Just got Psylocke to T2 today.

I have the mats to T3 Magneto now, but I'm wondering if I should save the mats for Dr Strange.

I can accomplish most stuffs now, and I dont really care about ABX or AC.

Problem is, I don't know when his T3 will be coming and I have yet to get a new T3 character so far.

What are yer thoughts? TIA!

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Wait for the next update.. may be sharon will get her T3 and she will be meta than the existing blast t3s... so wait for 2 days :)

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That actually sounds good! But if her T3 (as OC) is stronger than Cap (etc), I will be surprised.

Before infinity war she was stronger than cap

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