What should i use on iw cap?

What should i use on iw cap? Uru, obelsik, is8

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IW cap : tenacious symbiote iso set and obelisk immune to snare + itgb + attAck proc 140%. Very versatile setting.

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I’m not trying to be rude but are you joking?

I get the urge to think outside of the box and use a defense set but DDE is generally considered best just heads up. Do you notice the +40% to all defense?

Scratch that I just spent 5 million I finally got one after 3 freaking month .

I would pick a 200% if I found one. It have been 7 month since last one. Immune to snare make him kill easily Jean And for Frost beast snare attacks. Still working on finding a DDE set I of occasionally spend 2 or 3 million to get one but no luck for about 3 month now . Tenacious symbiote is the closet I got.

Just go for a GBI/dmg proc, you can use a debuff removal lead like JG, Stryfe, Angel, Odin etc in TL. And the Frost beast snare attack can be easily avoided so you can equip a better obelisk on him

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Iso8 should be Drastic Density. There’s a lot of opinions on his Ob. Try to get GBI and a damage proc. As far as uru goes, fill in the gaps of whatever stats you’re low on.

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