Hey, I've been playing for a few weeks after coming back from a long (pre-BP movie) break.

Hey, I've been playing for a few weeks after coming back from a long (pre-BP movie) break.

Treated myself to some black friday crystals with google play credit and now have a bit of a quandry.

1) I can buy the 8200 Mega T2 ticket. The likely candidate would be Anti-Man who's currently at 17 gears.

2) I could buy Emma Frost, her uni and enough bios to T2 her and use left overs on a uni or two.

3) Adam Warlock is out as I don't have the spare bios right now.

4) I could just go ham on unis I missed this yea but after 3/4 they'd be for unbuilt chars.

I have good stocks of gold and T2 tickets and I mostly enjoy PvE, WBU is my current target and I'd like to get some decent GBR teams, ABX I'm happy with 100k but if there's overlap all good.
I've already picked up some key new unis for my meta chars.

Thoughts on best way to spend the crystals?

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I'd say go ham on unis. Catching up to past the Infinity War update requires a lot of unis. My recommendation is that you buy as many IW unis as humanly possible(maybe leaving out star lord, groot and rocket), then go for any other recent unis that people say are good.

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Rocket is a very solid character with IW . Guard hits and damage immune and great dps.

yes, but not a must-buy to catch up

doesnt matter, hes still useless among the countless exceptional blast chars that still trump him by a mile.

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