Is Ragnaloki really worth it in the current meta for WBU?

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Nope, he was good for Supergiant before Ininity War update, but now he is mostly just useful as villain for SL.

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only if you need his card. seriously there are many universal villains better than him now, not to mention antiman is here much earlier before the black order uniform rework.

> not to mention antiman is here much earlier before the black order uniform rework Is it your bad english or just that i'm not a native english speaking person, that i don't understand the meaning of that sentence ?

antiman I believe was added in January, which is earlier than the infinity war update. Which part do you not understand?

For my english knowledge (from school over 40 years ago) a correct sentence would sound like : Antiman has been here since much earlier than the black order uniform rework But still i don't even know what Antiman and the black order uniforms have to do with the question if Loki is still worth it. And the Ultimates were added already one year ago 28th or 29th november 2018.

they're all universal villains. Loki is now not as good as any of them.

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