Hi I need help with spending 10000 crystals in this event.I currently have 10940 crystals.My ign is Destoryer21.

Hi I need help with spending 10000 crystals in this event.I currently have 10940 crystals.My ign is Destoryer21.
Uniforms I’m buying are medusa,vulture,proxima,antivenom,hela,Loki Unis and quicksilver.I will have 5815 more crystals left to spend.What else should I use my crystals for?Thanks in advance!

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I know this isn’t a very specific answer, but I would buy it for your most advanced T2’s. So ur wolverine, magneto, and cable and anyone else you want.

Also, if I was you I would buy Iron mans uni and T2 him.

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Does magneto and wolverine’s uniform give them a good improvement?If not I’ll just wait for their next uniforms and buy X-23 instead.Also should I buy Thor’s iw Uni?i have the ragnorok one and he likely will get a better Uni in A4.

Magnetos uni improves on the base kit, but not by much. He does a little more damage and survivability is slightly better. Not a must have by any means tho. It is one of the best looking unis in the game imo. X23 uni is very good if you’re disappointed in your X23s damage. Her DPS is increased a lot in this uni and I really enjoy using her. Decent uni and definitely worth picking up if you like the character. If you feel like your Thor doesn’t do enough damage, then get IW uni. IW Thor does about double the damage of Ragnathor easily. Survivability is also slightly better as he gains damage immunity and a guard hit, but loses an iframe. Once again, worth picking up if you like the character. Can’t really comment on Wasps uni as I don’t own it, but from what I’ve heard, her DPS is still very low. Apparently she is, however, capable of taking down some T3 Caps very slowly in TL Emma and Adam ain’t worth it. Good characters, but there are so many better characters in the same class (blast, hero, male/female) that can be built for much cheaper. I wouldn’t recommend any f2p or semi f2p to buy them. Only get them if you have both epic quest deluxe packs, the BP pack, every good uniform in the game and you don’t know what to do with your crystals.

You can consider getting QuickSilver (Marvel Legacy) and Cable (Marvel X-Force). For QS, if you use him for PVP, his uniform gives him a 15% boost and his heal on the 3rd skill activates pretty quickly compared to his default uniform. For Cable, if you use him for ABX and WBU, his heal on 3rd skill no longer requires you to run the full skill and you can cancel it, which makes it pretty good. You can also consider Black Panther (Marvel's Black Panther) package. It gives you a T2 ticket and a Legendary Black Panther uniform which makes his damage much better and more playable. I have just gotten Wasp (Marvel's Antman and the Wasp) uniform and I must say her damage is still pretty weak. However, she gives a +10% boost to HP of allies and she has a lot more iFrames making her quite irritating to face against in PVP situations. There are plenty of other uniforms you can consider too in no particular order; Scarlet Witch, Medusa, Ebony Maw, Thanos (IW), Venom (Anti-Venom), Iron Man (IW), Loki (Thor Ragnarok), Satana, Black Widow (IW) and War Machine (IW). Although these characters are not as well built in your rosters. I would recommend saving 785 crystals more and getting Pyslocke, but with the crystal spending event ending in 2 days +, you may not be able to save up enough.

I was thinking about that but ur Thor uni is mythic level, so I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t have either uni so I can’t speak on them, but they give the +15% bonus to attack and defense so they have to at least be an upgrade. I don’t have X-23’s uni either so I can’t speak much on it, but if you plan on T2ing her and want her uni I don’t see why not. I’ve heard Emma/Adam are character bought once you don’t really have anything else to buy, but others can speak more on that then me. Keep in mind what it takes to upgrade them though. I’ve heard Wasps uni is ok to poor, but again, I don’t have it. Hope this helps, sorry if it didn’t.

It’s okay.I’ll just wait for other’s suggestions.

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