I have all the uniforms I wanted during the sale but I have enough crystals for one more purchase:

1 more Emma pack then I can use a T2 ticket

Agent Venom uni

Medusa uni

Hela uni (for CTP)

Ghost uni (for easier speed villain ABX)

Ant-Man uni

Magneto uni

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Things to consider for each of them:

Emma - how much do you love the character? If you love her or you don't have much decent blast or elemental types, get her.

Agent Venom - do you have him at T2 already? Again, how much do you love the character? There are other better combat heroes to get.

Medusa - do you have the Satana uni? If yes, no need to get this.

Hela - CTP is always cool. Get this if you don't have any other good female villain (Proxima, Enchantress, Titania)

Ghost - do you have her at T2? Do you have the Vulture uni? If you answer yes and no respectively, get this.

Ant-man - NO

Magneto - are you having a rough time at Blast Villain ABX? If yes, this would double your score with ease.

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Does the Magneto uni really improve your score that much? I bought it recently as I really like him in the comics and this is probably my favorite look for him, and I’m only getting like a 30-40k increase in my score.

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