Hey guys I am trying to unlock cable but I have trouble beating QS under 30 secs.

Hey guys I am trying to unlock cable but I have trouble beating QS under 30 secs. With my party is it within my means to do it?

Or should I wait abit more and maybe get more obelisk, cards and CTP before I try again? My ign is DDrose1. Thanks all!

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I would give you a lot of roster help, but these guides below cover most of it. You’re working on the right path. A couple things I would say though.

  1. Change all except Psylocke's obelisk. Get either invincibility obelisks (ones which say invincible (x seconds)) or damage procs like Psylocke’s one

  2. Change all your ISO sets to either attack or shield sets. Most of the characters need attack sets anyways. Always roll for 8 ISO sets. Also check your characters base attack stat. You find it through Team->Any Character->Under Level it says energy attack or physical attack. I noticed Luna and Psylocke have physical attack ISO equipped. I would suggest, since you’re a spender, unequip those with crystals and equip the right ones

If you want any more help, PM me through Reddit or check my account. My IGN is Only Legend. (I’m a F2P player and I stopped quite a few times and carried on). I tried adding you as a friend but I couldn’t. If you play actively or semi-actively, add me please. Also, if you know anyone who plays, I need more active friends. I’m going to start working on my brother’s account soon.


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Sure! More help is always good! I have been rerolling iso-sets but pretty down on my luck I do 20 reroll daily on my magik since maybe 2 weeks back and have yet to get any 8 iso sets at all.....purely got lucky with Luna and psylocke. I will try adding you as a friend as well

One addition to the above that I would make is to not dump everything in refilling iso sets right now. Stick with “good enough” 6 or 8 iso set bonuses that give decent passive stats for the majority of your roster. When the ISO set event comes around and it’s half off, then reroll everything for the better bonuses. Use placeholder ISO in the meantime, don’t throw awakened ISO at a slot that’s going to be replaced,

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You need to use a high DPS character, there are many of them, for me I used Psylocke. But most importantly you need at least two "agent" allies such as Black widow and Kate Bishop, they give ignore dodge by 20%. Upgrading raid level would help too.

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I used a fully grown average built Wolverine to beat him on my first try. Maybe your IW Cap has a chance but he is incomplete (iso etc)

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Yeah I am pretty new to the game a month and just abit more so I am pretty resource starved, but I will get to building cap. You mentioned wolverine average grown what do you mean by that? Thanks for the advice though! I will work on building my roster and perhaps I should be more patient too

Yes like what he said, I have a hawk's eye attack iso on him but 3 to 4 star iso when I used him. Custom gear was just so so. He is combat so a good match for QS and his 4 and 5 skill basically was what I used and it was over fast. Maybe with a good build IW Cap he can do it too.

completely ranked up with mediocre average and custom gear.

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