Hi I have to buy a couple uniforms to get the mrut ticket.I’m going to buy medusa,proxima,vulture,quicksilver,shuri,hela,Loki,antivenom uniforms.I can buy 5 more 875 uniforms.My options are:

Thor iw(I already have ragnorok but I’m going to tier 3 Thor soon,just need 100 more ccf)
X-23(I really like the character)
Cable X-force
Wolverine AOA
Starlord iw
Iron man iw
Pymtron(prepare for when I get the pack)
Magneto(won’t tier 3 anytime soon)

My ign is Destoryer21.I’m open to other suggestions aside from the unis I’m considering.

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Definitely get IW Thor, Cable, Iron Man, Archangel, and Pymtron out of those options

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I agree with this sentiment though I’d bump AA out in favor of Wasp as a meta support / lead for PvP and a better ROI on the Antman Extreme pack that sis needed to get any benefit from Pymtron. I’d a,so out IM at the Lower end of the priority order, possibly bumping him off in favor of X23 as a character the OP likes (who happens to be quite good at PVP with her uniform).

Definitely agree with the last part. X23 is saving my ass this week in TL with my regular team and most of my metas banned.

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