Is Blue Marvel worth an MRUT?

Is Blue Marvel worth an MRUT? I've been holding off on the last stage of story mode, but that CTPE is calling me. I do not plan on getting a bio sub so "save for paywall" doesn't apply.

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If you’re never getting a paywall then yeah sure

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If you are planning to T2 BM then you should MRUT BM and get the 256 bios to aid in the upgrading of his gears. I didn't do so and am still farming his bios from SHIELD lab. If not, you might as well just finish the last stage and get him at 6 stars.

If you do not MRUT BM, then what you are waiting for exactly? Are you waiting for normal RUTs to rank him up?

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I started playing during the 3 year anniversary celebration, where they gave one MRUT for logins. I didn’t know what I was doing back then, so I just sat on it instead of wasting it on a poor choice. Then I kinda forgot I had it lol so I figured I might as well use it on something, and getting a head start on T2ing Blue Marvel seems a viable choice for where I am now.

Seems reasonable to me. BM is a solid character with lots of potential for his 70 update and any potential T3 or Unis in the future.

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