How long do you think till new unis drop.

How long do you think till new unis drop. Have about 1k crystals left. I don't have luna yet but have a 6* mrut for her and sharog 60 6/6 with 400 bios. Have all iw unis except ironman and maw/cull. Was wondering if i should wait or pick up Iron man's uni. I could probably have another 1k in a week or 2.
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Iron Man isn’t exactly anything to write home about. If he’s not a favorite of yours, you’d be better off waiting. The new Sharon and Luna updates could potentially shift the meta or make IM less relevant. If I had to choose between IM, Maw and cull unis, I’d go with Maw as a leader / support. The only exception is if you need the IM uni for someone’s uniform bonus (like Strange option 5). But even then, I’d personally go with Maw or wait for Sharon and Luna updates to see what’s what.

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Thanx yea just need another SL person. I meant black dwarf instead of maw i picked hers up for sure heh. Ill prob have 2k+ crystals ina week. Def goin pick up both unis probably. How good would im be for sl? Thanx again

T2 IM with his IW uniform can be used to solo any shadowlands level for which he is eligible, I haven’t tried him for the 25+ though. He basically just presses 5 and the fight is over at T2.

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