Who is better return for money (only for wbu, gbr,abx) : ghost panther /gambit / weapon hex?

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It's a toss up between Ghost panther and gambit imo:

Ghost Panther:
- Great support for other charcters in WBU and ABX, especially essential for uni hero day as support for thor t3 (but can also score decently high himself, albeit not the meta)
- Can clear decently high stage Proxima and Corvus by himself
- Can clear GBR if built well (someone elses clear: https://prnt.sc/lmhv4q)

- Can clear high stage Corvus, Cull Obsidian (which IMO is a big selling point for him, since not a lot of chars can do high stage Cull)
- Huge DPS
- Can clear GBR if built well

Personally I would go for GP if you only have the budget for one due to his versatility as both a decent DPS dealer and support; however based on your needs (such as if for some reason your really want more high stage Cull clears) you might prefer gambit

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THis is a good comparison. I would add, however that the versatility of GP also comes with staying power / protection against power creep.

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