Is there a guide anywhere for what *kind* of characters are good for certain bosses?

Is there a guide anywhere for what kind of characters are good for certain bosses? I see recommended teams, but a lot of the characters are hard-to-impossible for a mostly F2P player to obtain. I still want to do well with what I have.

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Proxima -> Physical Attack characters. Best choices include DP3, Cap3, BP3, QS etc.

Black Dwarf (Cull Obsidian) -> Energy Attack characters. best choices include SW, Cable, Thor3, Psylocke, Emma, Dr Strange, perhaps Luna and Sharon Rogers after the next update.

Corvus Glaive -> Anybody that can negate his high dodge.

Ebony Maw -> Energy Attack characters with elemental damage (fire, mind, Lightning, cold, poison). Best choices include SW, Psylocke, Emma, Jean Grey?, Thor3, etc. perhaps Luna after the next update.

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Exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

Corvus is also weak against speed too.

Yes, Corvus only receives 50% damage from non-speed characters

Cable as lead us good vs corvus

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