I'm 2220 Crystals away from getting my MRUT from the BF Event..

I'm 2220 Crystals away from getting my MRUT from the BF Event.. What to buy?

1) Thor Ragna uni - just for the card / Card set as I already have his IW uni.

2) Scarlet IW - will have her built in around 2-3 weeks

3) Medusa Uni - Heard it's good

4) Corvus Glaive IW uni - for PvP

5) Emma Frost "Just the character"- Will not get her Bios Pack this sale - Probably the next one

6) Ironman IW Uni - Even though I think he's gonna get an amazing new uni with IW4

7) Yondo GotG2 uni - Will make him usable & I personally like him

8) Any other suggestions

IGN : Kelany007

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Thor > Yondu > Scarlet Witch > Corvus > Ironman = Medusa

  • A great premium card is more important than any one uniform imo so definitely get the card.

  • Get Yondu because you like him and he's fun to play.

  • Scarlet Witch has more use than any other of those characters so it'll help you more.

  • Corvus is very good PvP character with the uniform. If you play AC or don't have any other metas to play TL, it's a great choice.

  • I put Ironman pretty low on the list because even tho it's a great uniform, he doesn't shine on any end-endgame stuff.

  • Medusa gets a good boost too. I just bought her uniform and didn't play much (and she's very underbuilt too) but it seems way better than her original.

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great advice... thnx a lot.. hope that card worth the investment

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