What are quicksilver and war machine's skill rotation?

What are quicksilver and war machine's skill rotation? (With marvel legacy uni and IW uni respectively)

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QS, I do 5c-4-3

WM, i'm not positive but I do 5-4-3-2, nice and easy lol

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WM you need the shield up or you die.... 3c4, 2, and try to time the end of the iframe on 5 to start before your shield ends. 3c anything and maxing out the duration of his frames on 4 & 5 will help big time.

Why 3c4, when 4 is an i-frame? That's why I do 5-4-3, since I'll be in iframe for part of the CD of 5 and 4,

Biggest problem for me with WM is still that his #5 skill has 9 second cooldown and not the usual 7.5 so when i need longer than 1 rotation in SL to get stuff killed i just start to mash buttons in hope there is a shield or iframe up :-/ Don't know, is there something viable like Deadpool where you do one roation 3,5 and the other 3,4 ?

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