I've got enough crystals for 1 more uni, trying to decide between IW War Machine and Thor, Proxima Midnight, X-23, and Satana.

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What would you use them for/what do you need?

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Kinda just general use. Been working on WBU lately but I usually only get 1-2 clears a day. And shadowlands

IW Thor is the best for WBU and also a very good candidate for T3.

What uniform u already have? Wm can do cull obsidian and proxima, thor can do ebony maw. Those 2 are the easiest to build.

Thor can do all WBU, and he can do it all better than War Machine (not at all to say IW War Machine is bad). Go for Thor's uni first.

Shouldve clarified, I have Ragnarok Thor and CW War Machine. I'm also pushing thor to t3 if possible.

What do you use for that 1-2 clears everyday? Imo get yourself 5 character that can do wbu first before thinking about t3 (unless you paying for the ccf). Iw cap, winter soldier, iron man, war machine, spidey, black widow just to name a few good uniform that can make story mode character (easy to t2) that can clear wbu

Deadpool and Pheonix mainly. By pushing I meant more just getting him to 70 and working towards t3 slowly. All these characters are at t2 already.

IW Thor will give you easy wins for Cull and Ebony , or X-23 is very good for corvus and proxima. Your choice.

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