What are quicksilver and war machine's skill rotation?(both with best unis)

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QS - 5c, 4, 2. You could add a bit of 3 here if your cool down isn't enough

WM - 5, 3, 2, 1, 4

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Better do 5c4 and then 3 for QS. For Warmachine, what about the problem that his #5 skill has 9s cooldown and not 7.5 like on most other chars ? How do you handle that on longer fights with the damage proc ?

Dude QS with uniform gets a dmg accumulation (dealt) with his 3rd skill you absolutely need to put it in your rotation

so for QS is 5c-4c-3-2? ​

This. 5 immediately cancel into 4, proc on 4 and let it run out then 3 untill he slams the ground then back into the rotation, 5c4 3. Need max cooldown.

Yep thanks for agreeing with me. Also if you lose the proc go 3-1-2 and you’re good to go again.

Hey, NovaMY, just a quick heads-up: **untill** is actually spelled **until**. You can remember it by **one l at the end**. Have a nice day! ^^^^The ^^^^parent ^^^^commenter ^^^^can ^^^^reply ^^^^with ^^^^'delete' ^^^^to ^^^^delete ^^^^this ^^^^comment.

I do 3c-5c-4 repeat. If you cancel quick enough it’ll still proc on 4

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