Best obelisk for Magneto?

Best obelisk for Magneto?

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CTP of Transcendence or Crit Damage/Rate + invincibility. He doesn’t have a hard hitting skill to proc on so won’t benefit much from a damage proc.

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Why are your recommending a CTP of trans on a character that requires ITGB. Looking at so many previous posts I know for certain he NEEDS ITGB.

I have a CTP-T on my Magneto and it works pretty well. ITGB is definitely a good obelisk stat to have, but from my experience with the character, he doesn’t need it.

Thanks! Recently I got a CTP of Transcendence from Special Missions, it has been my only CTP, it is worth putting it to Magneto? or is there a better holder?

Do not equip it on him.

If it’s your only CTP, then don’t give it to Magneto. IW Spidey and IW Corvus are better options.

Thanks! Are they the best options? If so, I think I'll give it to IW Spidey, I guess he'll improve for PVP.

Yes, they’re definitely the best options. It improves IW Spidey a lot for PVP, where he already shines.

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