Emma Frost with her uni, or the Black Panther Extreme upgrade?

Emma Frost with her uni, or the Black Panther Extreme upgrade? Or is there a better option for 3300 crystals?

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Black Panther's package is always on sale, whilst Emma is on sale for a limited time, if you like Emma then no better time to get her.

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What about the Mythic Uni upgrade for my X-23? I only have her at Advanced right now and she's my best unit / fav unit so I'd love to have her absolutely maxed out.

Do you have uniform upgrade tickets? If yes then by all means go ahead, because farming her bios through lab is a very long grind, otherwise you'll have to buy the X-Men bio sub

I do have the x Gene sub, so I'll probably just pass on the ticket and test my patience.

If you mean the mythic ticket for 2800 crystas, its not a mega so it only works on legendary uniforms, and for me personally upgrading uniforms from (nearly) paywall chars is faaaar to expensive. As someone who bought Emma directly at release i can only say : go for her <3

How much does it cost?

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