Ok need some help.

Ok need some help. I went and bought Emma and got her uni. Whats the best ISO for her. I am thinking OD as I have already got max atk speed, but just wanted to confirm. Also, I feel that she lacks DPS. I tried her on floor 29 Maw and she could only get him down to 50% hp till the timer ran out. Yeah she doesnt have an ISO set now and no dmg proc on the gear as well, but I was hoping she'd do more damage. When I took her on the test run, I wanted to see how much power can she pack on a raw hit without all the frills, and was under the impression that she would be a glass cannon. Surprisingly, keeping her alive was the easy part. Any thoughts? I couldn't find an update guide for her with the new uni.

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Check out youtube videos, cynicalex/ beast mode gaming made a guide of her. You definitely need damage proc to do higher stages. The difference between 200% proc and no proc is too huge. But do keep in mind that without enough valor, you’ll struggle in high stages no matter how well built you character are

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