How is IW Ironman and IW BlackWidow do in WBU and Shadowland?

How is IW Ironman and IW BlackWidow do in WBU and Shadowland? I can afford 2-3 more uniforms but I'm still thinking whether I should prioritize IW IM and IW BW, due to the possibility that they may get new A4 uni. Or should I go with IW SW and quicksilver though I haven't unlock her and the other at rank 1 only. I'm seeking advice as I'm f2p and BF sales only come once a year, so I want my diamond to be spent in best use.

Ign: TeddyHulk

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BW without uni can still do floor 1-15 of SL, with Uni about floor 1-25, but not WBU because she is physical and energy attack mix

IW IM is an insane Uni that will make Ironman Viable. Personally i use him on floor 25 before i T3’d him. Now i use him still on floor 25 where he 1 shots them with his fifth skill

Don’t buy uniforms for characters you can Max out within the next month, because every month u have a 40% uni sale and tbh it really isn’t much difference from the 50% off

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Which WBU you talkin about? Cull??

she isn’t good for WBU because she has a mix of Energy and Physical attack. Hence for Cull Obsidian U’ll be only using her energy attacks, while for proxima you’ll only be using her physical attacks, thats why its very limiting for BW

I am talking about your IM. That what boss is IM good at? Not interested in BW at all.

Ohh, yeah Iron man can do Cull obsidian easily. I know well built IMs can push to 30+ for WBU Cull, but hes more of a jack of all trades where he can clear decent 29-30+ for All WBUs, but he can’t push high like Deadpool can

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