my lvl 70 dead pool's 5th skill is always cancelled in tl battle,does he need gbi?

my lvl 70 dead pool's 5th skill is always cancelled in tl battle,does he need gbi? what's the best obelisk to roll for him for tl(not including ctp)? ign:cull obsydian

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It’s not a matter of guard break plz don’t listen to the other guy. DP’s 5 skill only has a slight iframe at the beginning so once that’s over and your hanging from the helicopter the opponent simply iframes and DP loses his target. It’s not guard break

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That indeed has partial iframe like IW Thor's 4th BUT it IS guard break.

Sorry but it’s not. Care to elaborate?

Because that's half iframe. His 5th skill is divided into two parts: 1st- Before getting on the helicopter which is iframe, 2nd- After boarding the helicopter and shooting which isn't iframe. This is why when he gets guard broken. He'll able to board the helicopter as it's iframe but as soon as iframe is over i.e. when he boards the helicopter, it crash-lands as it ain't no iframe. It happens cuz you're using a skill of your toon that has iframe which guard breaks DP's non-iframe part of the 5th skill. Try him in WBU he won't get guard broken as you have CTPD but I do because my DP isn't rocking CTPD/A or ITGB.

Happens in WBU too buddy. You obviously don’t understand what guard break is, and further are confusing it with iframe skill canceling. Do some testing... I’m just trying to help not argue. I understand the mechanics and am trying to help others who don’t

Too quick to judge others! * Slow claps* Whatcha think I'm doing here wasting my time, huh? Like you, I'm trying to help people too. I doubt you even know how to play DP.

Woooooow I just checked your comment history. Plz stop telling so many people this mistaken advice regarding guard break. You’re wrong dude. Also what’s your IGN? Poor people you’ve been misguiding.

IGN: MrHandyHands Tell me idk how to play DP. What stage Proxima and Corvus are you on with him? I’m on 49 trying to clear the challenges for 50

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Yes, he often gets guard broken when using 5th skill due to not having ITGB. This happens in WBU as well. You need ITGB with damage proc/invincibility proc.

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It’s not guard break my dude. It’s just that half of his 5th skill isn’t an iframe so the opponent can easily iframe away, causing DP to cancel his skill

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