But each time I try.

So I have a 2* obelisk
Recovery Rate 48% or so not exactly sure
Max HP ±9%

But then I want to upgrade the obelisk to maybe 3,4,5*

But each time I try. It changes the stats most times to dodge critical rate and those kinda shii I don't exactly want to use at the moment

Is there a way I can get what I want cus I end up losing my recovery rate obelisks

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Hi there!!

Only the very first stat is fixed and the other two can change to everything anytime. What you want to look for is an obelisk with Recovery Rate as its first option! Hope that helped:)

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Only the top line never changes, except the % can increase. So if you want RR, you need to start with one that has RR as the top line. Everything else will change when you enhance it.

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Is it possible it can decrease at all? The top line I mean

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