I have 1025 crystals for my last uni.

I have 1025 crystals for my last uni.

What do you recoomend?

Thor IW , Spider IW, War Machine IW, Arcangel, X-23(I have her at T1)


wait unis for Sharon (t2) Luna(t1)

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the general consensus is that sharon is going to be a meta uni, only buy thor if you are planning on t3 him, otherwise it's not a must.

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I'd say Thor or wait

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Is IW Thor uni more useful at T2? Looking at the stats from what I am seeing, I’m not really as impressed as the stats from IW Cap or IW Spidey.

For PvE and at T2 - IW Thor > IW Cap > IW Spidey. For PvE and at T3 - IW Cap > IW Thor > IW Spidey For PvP at T2/T3 - IW Spidey > IW Cap > IW Thor

So, you’re saying use my remaining gems to invest in the IW Thor now when I can eventually get all those characters to T2 and higher 😜

Invest in whoever you want depending on what your plan is for the characters and the game modes that you want to focus on.

Presently my goal is to be able to defeat the World Bosses and to gain shards & earn characters like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch along with the world bosses

Scarlet Witch will take a long long time, she is a complete endgame character, costly and resource heavy to rank up. Quicksilver can be ranked up relatively quicker and easier. IW Thor and Cap will help you beat World Bosses if that's your goal. Both can easily beat normal World Boss and also WBU.

Thank you - I’ll try working on IW Cap and IW Thor

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