I am stuck at Cull Obsidian stage 8.

I am stuck at Cull Obsidian stage 8. Using A1 (L) - Iron Man (DPS), Iron Man has a 120% damage proc, but he doesn't do enough damage even if I always proc it on the 5th skill. I have 215 valor and the stage requirement is 84. Do I just need a higher proc?

Also, what is a safe rotation for Iron Man? I do 3-5-4-2, but he ends up taking damage and by the second phase when I get Cull down to about 5-6 bars he dies.

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Do you have a support character like shuri or Coulson to use with Iron man? Thar would surely fix your dps issue.

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I'll be getting Shuri to T2 soon. I'll try this once I get her there.

I like 3-2-5. If you cancel at the right time it almost guarantees you proc right at the start at 5 cuz all your other attacks will just be getting to him.

This strategy seems interesting. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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