Combat: T2 Moon Knight.

My roster of strongest characters

Combat: T2 Moon Knight. T2 Cap America (Secret Wars). Hulk lvl 50 (no uni)

Blast: Sharon lvl 55(no uni) Mantis lvl54 Iron Man lvl 55 (AoU uni)

Speed: T2 Spidey (IW) Luna Show lvl 55 Winter Soldier lvl 55 (IW uni)

Universal: T2 Thor (IW) Iron Hammer lvl 55 Cap Marvel lvl 51.

Now my questions
Of the characters above which character's uni do I need to buy/update to boost my chances in World Boss Normal and Shadowland (Solo clears with o.k support) If I eventually T2/lvl60 all of them. Also like in order of priority please.

And feel free to state if I should probs wait for the next update (Sharon/Luna uni) or just buy the unis for the ones I have now since we only get 50% discount once a year.
Thanks in anticipation of your answers.

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You've got a good base, but you need to start focusing on characters to get them to 6 stars and level 60. I'd start by grinding Winter Soldier bios in Story mode and Sharon Rodgers for your bio selectors. It has been a while since I've seen them at T1, but they will be your stars once you get them to T2.

You can slow grind the Thor bios once you unlock story 8-9.

Once Sharon is done, work on Iron Hammer.

Cap and Iron Man need their IW uniforms to make them truly valuable, but you can get their bios pretty easy from story mode.

Also, start working on a Special Mission Character. Run it every day at the highest level you can do - I just let it run on auto. I recommend Sandman or Crystal.

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It would be better if you mention how many crystals you have. From the above list you should get IW Cap > IW Iron Man > IW Hulk. IW Hulk is better than Cap at T2 but since you already have Cap at T2 you'll be able to get immediate use out of him.

Sharon's getting a new uni anyway so I think you should wait for that, it'll most probably be a meta uni.

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