Sorry, I’m about a week into this game.

Sorry, I’m about a week into this game. How do I get Thanos? I haven’t seen him in any of the selectors. I’d love to have the Mad Titan on my team lol.

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Here you go buddy:


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What if I’ve already messed this up should I get a new account?

Depends if you've spent any money? If not, i'd recommend restarting - the right start sets you off on the right path and saves weeks if not months.

I am f2p so I think I will

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Use your selectors wisely, prioritize Shadowland & get yourself to stage 15 = 225 Bios Weekly, Prioritize characters that do not need unis "Klaue, Shuri, Sharon Rogers" & Chapter 1-8 Strong heroes that have IW Unis "Winter Soldier, Captain America, Black Widow"

Give your villains some love "Klaue, Skurge, Sandman, Loki" all will be very helpful

Upgrade & equip 5 cards 4* "Cooldown Reduction, All Attack, Ignore Defense, Physical Attack, Energy Attack"

Build characters that you need not want

Here are some very useful links

Character Building Power Book V.4.5 https://imgur.com/a/FEalLgr

Tier List v4.5.0 https://www.reddit.com/r/future_fight/comments/9ti476/tier_list_v450/


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Hello, 4 month in player here. Thanos is not hard to obtain once you get a couple of decent characters, the problem is he is a very big resource sink. I understand you really want him, and yeah, he is worth it as he is powerful but if you are just starting, you'll need to give priority to other, cheaper, good characters who'll allow you to start clearing content. Once you unlock Thanos, you'll feel the temptation to start giving resources to him but really, that's a waste. Once you can easily clear most content daily, then go ahead and start working on him if you want!

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I have three level 50 or higher six star mastered characters, I know they can be brought up to tier 2 but idk how to do that yet. If I get those three up to tier two level 60 would that be a good base?

Depends on which characters and whether they have uniforms. But 3 characters aren't gonna cut it either way. For starters, you'll want to at least be able to consistently clear 15 floors of Shadowland every week, which means at least 15 strong level 60, 6\* characters, ideally more than that. That will give you 225 free weekly bios which you'll desperately need. Thanos shouldn't be your 4th character, or even your 20th one. I know right now it sounds impossible to get those many but once you get how this all works and start the grind, you'll realize it's doable :) Just be sure to check guides to make sure you don't invest in bad characters.

But thanks for your help!

Right now I have Gwenpool, Iron Fist and Ghost Rider

Iron Fist will only be useful with his uniform, Ghost Rider isn't all that good either. You might want to take a look at this: [https://imgur.com/a/FEalLgr](https://imgur.com/a/FEalLgr) it tells you which characters are good and which need uniforms, might be useful :)

Duly Noted! Thanks for all of your help!

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You’ll have to beat his world boss 20 times to unlock him and then rank him up using Black anti matter, chaos norn stones, gold, and bios (other stuff too but those are the main materials). He is one of the hardest / grindiest characters to obtain and rank up so please understand it’ll be a LONG time if you just started playing

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That’s disappointing but it’ll be worth the grind then! Thanks for the help lol.

It is so worth it... he’s PvP meta. I first started playing MFF years ago only to play as Thanos. It took so long lol

Here I go I guess!

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