I have enough crystals for 2 more unis.

I have enough crystals for 2 more unis. One of them will be Cable. But I really don't know what to do with the last one: RagnaThor just for the P card (I already have IW Thor), Hulk just for the CTP-R (I know he's good but I don't really have any other use for him and he will probably get a better uni with Avengers 4, on the other hand he's a uniform option for IW Strange, IW Iron Man and IW Thor so that's useful too), or Hela just for the CTP-E (which is more useful than a CTP-R)? Or should I just stop buying uniforms and get T1 Emma Frost keeping in mind I won't be able to T2 her or get her uniform? Help please!

My IGN is Rathkud. I only have 2 P cards. The CTP-E would go for either Quicksilver or Bucky (I already have one for Cable), no idea who the CTP-R would go for. My focus is TL and WBU.

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Hela is always a good buy for the CTPe and you can maybe even use her in ABX for female villain if you don't have already anyone else for that.

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I do have a female villain already tho - Titania gets the job done without spending crystals on her. I finally went for Thor instead as I figured a card had more overall value than a CTP, but I will probably buy her eventually too. Thanks for the advice!

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P cards go for 6,750 crystals in the lab shop so if the Thor card will be a significant improvement to your total card stats then i say go for that. The CTP R is barely useful

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Sounds reasonable, thanks

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