1) Cold dmg, all defense, 140 proc for Loki?

1) Cold dmg, all defense, 140 proc for Loki?

2) Fear immunity, mind dmg, 3s invis for SW?

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Loki, sure. Sw, sure... for now. You can do way better for her. Try rolling crit damage obelisks and hope you get a high damage proc.

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does ctpe work well on her or should i save it for cable?

Best for her would be mind damage + damage proc but CTPe also works on her ok, but Cable is mostly the one who makes the most of it. On the other hand, Lokis clones don't do cold-damage and don't benefit from damage-procs, so it may sound strange but he coould also just take the obelisk with invincibility and Wanda the 140% instead if you don't have a better one actually.

Ctps aren't my expertise so I'm not entirely sure. I know it's great on cable. I think it's good on wanda as well but I would keep asking around before you pull the trigger

should i use my best possible isos on wanda?

Look always that they have good base stats like ALL resistance and not just one and for the chaotic one its best to have energy or all attack and max-hp. And as set go for PoAH or Overdrive.

Make sure you roll good stats on them. Energy attack, hp is ideal

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