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Hi, all. So recently I have been strongly considering T3ing my Captain America. However, if I'm going to pull that particular trigger I'd like to invest more heavily in him and make him as good as I can. So, what do you all think is the ideal build for Cap? ISO-8 set? Obelisk (I have CTPs of Patience, Transcendence, Refinement, and Energy in my inventory). Uru? If I'm going to push Cap to the top of my roster I really want to do it right.

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ISO8 should be DDE since his 5th skill all attack buff overwrites the attack proc of an ISO8 set bonus.

Regarding CTP: If for PvP, refinement... PvE, energy.

Uru should be 2 physical attack each gear then SCD > Ig Def as needed. Leftover slots go to crit dmg / rate for PvE or HP for PvP.

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