I bought unis for Wasp, Colossus, Black Dwarf, and Ghost.

I bought unis for Wasp, Colossus, Black Dwarf, and Ghost. Also bought T2 Emma Frost and her uni. 1500 crystals away from the MRUT, and I have about roughly 5k crystals remaining. I think I am set for unis except for the ones for mediocre characters that will only boost them a little for AC (namely unis for Ancient One, Moon Knight, Silk, Destroyer, Luke Cage, Gwenpool). I am thinking it's not that important for me to get these unis. Anyways, I was wondering how I should spend my crystals.

I could go the Adam Warlock route, he roughly costs 3500 crystals with the rebate on taking him to lvl 50 and 60. It probably is the cheapest he'll ever be, so can't make a loss from it. Though he'll probably be discounted again if he gets a uni or something.

I could perhaps buy one more pack of Emma Frost bios to upgrade her uniform to Heroic, but that won't be enough to get the MRUT. Heroic uni would be nice though.

I could buy the 2600 crystal MRUT in store right now. Even though I don't have an urgent need for it, an MRUT is always useful.

I could also go for a BF special CCF deal that costs 1500 crystals, but that only speeds up the grind, so not an ideal use of my crystals probably.

Moreover, I could wait for the discounted card and gear chests and gamble on them, but let's face it, this is probably the worst option among the others lol. High risk high reward though.

Finally, I could buy the Infinity War or Antman extreme battle, I want a refinement and the ctp selector would be nice. But I can buy those at any time as there is not a deal on them, so probably not urgent. I want that MRUT though, as I am really close. Also, kinda want to save some crystals for the new unis that we'll get with the update (Luna and Sharog). So, what do you guys think I should do? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Remember that Adam Warlock has had a split-second Cameo in the MCU that foreshadows his involvement so it's very likely he'll be getting a uniform/rework sometime within the 4th phase of the MCU. I'd honestly get the MRUT as it still leaves you with 2k crystals to save for the new characters/unis

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