Got Gambit and Hex to 2\* with the last few days of my x gene sub.

Got Gambit and Hex to 2* with the last few days of my x gene sub. I have a single 3* RUT and a few extra 4* ones

Between Gambit and Hex (2 stars, 10 extra x genes) and Magik (2 stars, 190 x genes saved up for gearing 15-20) which would you get to 4*?

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At this point neither of those Characters have impact at 4*, next time focus on 1 Character until you get it to T2.

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the point isn't to give them impact. It's to have them all at 2\* as 3-6\* RUTs are pretty common from my limited experience playing (2 months in) I spent most of that sub on my Colossus, who just needs to be level 60 and will be ready for T2 advancement. I had extras so I got Magik, and old favorite, and had 8 days left after getting her to 200 stored x genes, then decided that the other paywall x gene characters should be ready for tickets so the collector in me doesn't feel he has to buy another sub down the road. So, which would you choose?

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