Best builds for IW EMaw, Corvus and Proxima?

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Don’t have Proxima IW but for ebony and Corvus both do great with CTP Trans or patience for Corvus.

Emaw should get OD or POAH . Corvus 5th skill has an attack buff that overwrites ISO8 attack procs so he does good with DDE it BP. I still put OD on him tho.

Urus are standard

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Corvus 5th skill doesn’t overwrite attack iso proc. That skill gives him a +10% all attack, all defenses and all speeds buff. The type that overwrites, such as IW Caps 5th skill or IW Buckys 2nd skill just give +x% of all attacks

I think you’re right! Just tested it. So WS 5th skill does not overwrite it then, just 2nd correct?

Yep. As far as I’ve noticed it’s skills with just an all attack increase that overwrite.

You’re right man just tested with Corvus too. Sorry to post bad info! Thanks

It’s all good man, happens to everyone.

What are the standard urus?

I have CTP of patience and PoaH on my Corvus and used urus to get his cooldown reduction to 50% and dodge up to 75%. Else the usual 8 phys damage and the rest crit-damage / crit-chance. I absolutely love him for TL, so fun to destroy all those Jeans with him :-)

If scd isn’t capped, use a couple scd urus. If ignore defense isn’t capped, use a few ignore defense urus. After that, physical/energy attack depending on the char, crit rate/damage etc.

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