Hey guys looking for some opinions.

Hey guys looking for some opinions. I have my 6* MRUT from the crystal event, and pretty much a full xgene subscription, so looking at either gambit, nightcrawler or X 23. X23 is at 3 stars already, but don't mind wasting those firat couple levels, the other 2 at 1 star. Leaning towards X23 for another female option for SL, and possibly for female speed ABX. Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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For female speed, IW BW is able to do 100K no problem. And she’s super cheap to T2.

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Really, didn't realise that. Already have her at T2 too. Interesting.

Yeah! I team her with Shuri and it’s a cake walk to 100K.

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Take nightcrawler out of your options. Not worth at all. If you have some RUT you can give to x23, then I would use the MRUT on Gambit. It is really up to you, You probably won't be able to T2 both of them with on x-gene sub. while x23 is good, she is not really meta. Gambit offers you really high DPS but low defense, so basically a glass cannon.

I would go for Gambit, but that's just me. Do what your heart tells you :)

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Thanks for your advice mate. Meta doesn't really bother me, be happy with a consistent 100k in ABX. Really tempted to go gambit, but reckon I can get more utility out of X23. Many thanks again.

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