I already bought IW IM, IW WS, IW CA uniforms.

I already bought IW IM, IW WS, IW CA uniforms.
I am looking to buy 2-3 more uniforms.

  1. IW Spiderman:- Is he useful outside TL battles? As I already have Spiderman 2099(Not T2), and I only play TL for challenges or quests.

  2. IW Thor or Ragna Thor?

3.RagnaHulk or RanLoki?

Anyone else?

I am looking for more PVE capable uniforms.
I am newish player so still can't complete Shadow land(only up to level9).

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  1. Yes, he is pretty good in PVE modes as well. Can clear proxima up to maybe 10-15 easily and clears any SL stage he’s eligible for with ease. If you don’t have a better option he can also hit 100k abx. His main utility is in PVP tho.

  2. IW Thor is the stronger uni, no question, however Ragnathor gives you a free p-card at mythic and it’s a decent uni. You just have to weigh up the pros and cons.

  3. I’d say Ragnahulk is a stronger character than Ragnaloki as his uni gives him a heal that rivals Wolverine. However, Ragnaloki is a pretty good universal villain, which is a very good thing to have for SL purposes.

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