Is the 6star mrut best used on nova or anti-man or on a paywall character?

Is the 6star mrut best used on nova or anti-man or on a paywall character? Im not sure if anti-man/nova are already outdated l, I already have a good roster, and i may just leave him at T1. Was thinking of also using on Ghost for ABX? May or may not T2 her

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For abx, you should go for luna as she does way more damage at abx even at t1.

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Thanks! I already have her at T2. Im more short on universal female and speed villain for abx at the moment. Any recommendations?

For universal female, go for medusa or satana( both with uni). Without their uni, they can’t do much. For speed villain, I use vulture(with uni).

Vulture is still a constant struggle for me even with heroic uni, equipped with urus, decent obelisk and 6* Sin as lead i mostly just end at 101-102k ..

Awesome thank you, i did manage to get satanas uni. I did however get ghosts uni instead of vulture :/ shouls i get his too or just start investing in ghost?

Invest in ghost. Because he is good and mainly you like him, that’s what matters the most.

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