Which of the X Gene exclusive characters are meta/worth it?

Which of the X Gene exclusive characters are meta/worth it? I'm working on Gambit at the moment just because I like him, but after this month I'm not sure if I'll keep it up.

Who should I focus on T3? I took an extended break, but in the past 2 weeks I've realized potential for most of my eligible toons and took Cap to 64. I've got Magneto, Proxima, Winter Soldier, Dr Strange, Spidey, Thor, Agent Venom, Cable and Quicksilver. Working on Wasp, Ant Man and Emma Frost.

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Weapon Hex, Gambit and Magik are the best Xgene premium characters in the game
In terms of clearing high endgame content, DP is the best T3. For the best stats boost, Cap gets the biggest at T3

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Tier 3 Cap first, then Thor/Deadpool, then Spider-Man

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