Best use of boost points?

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Dimension rift

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special missions. use hidden ticket

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Does clear ticketing with hidden tickets being used still give the CTP?

if you have 200 boost points ( or above )

You don’t need boost points for CTP from hidden routes.

really ? wow TIL . someone from chat told me that i can only get ctp if i have boost points

Yea. I got a ctpT in special missions though I neither used hidden route nor boost points

They’re probably mixing up two different CTPs. You can get a CTP of Transcendence from hidden routes in special missions, no matter how many boost points you have. You can get a CTP of Patience from any mission if you have more than 100 boost points.

More than 100 and not 200 r8? For patience

Just anything more than 100. It doesn’t have to be 200

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