Guys which uniform should i buy?

Guys which uniform should i buy?
Right now i am sitting with 6118 crystals and to be clear i have already bought most of the IW uniforms except:

1) IW Thanos ( cuz i have secret war uniform and i think he is gonna get new uniform from the next avengers movie).

2) Thor ( cuz i have Ragnarok uniform at mythic level).

3) Spidey ( cuz i have hobo spidey uniform).

4) Corvous glave (i am gonna buy this).

5) Cable ( without uniform he is still strong to clear most of the content for me).

6) Black panther.

7) Medusa.

8) Satana.

9) Quicksilver.

So out of this which uniform should i buy?

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Get Thanos, Thor, BP and Medusa

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