So by the end of today, i would have a little more than 10k crystals.

So by the end of today, i would have a little more than 10k crystals. With the huge sale and the crystal consumption event, I’d wanna use all of them. But I couldn’t decide which unis I should buy, here’s a little shortlist of the ones I chose, hopefully someone could look into my roster and choose the rest of them for me!

1) Cap IW
2) SW IW (I have her at 4)
3) Shuri
4) Thor IW (I have his Rag uni)
5) Hulk Rag (Might be able to T2 him soon)
6) Sharog
7) Loki Rag (I have him at only 5

After these purchases, I’d have around 4140 crystals left, I’m not sure what to do next. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

IGN: xXVoidSXx

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cap iw

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then i’d still have 6510 crystals after the purchase

you already have magneto and psylocke?

I have none of those, but i figured maybe i should spend most of my crystals on unis since black friday sale only come once a year

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