So... rather new player here, zero crystals spent on uni so far and sitting on 11k crystals rn. What should I be looking at getting first?

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  • IW Cap, Thor, Spidey

  • Psylocke/Magneto pack (take your pick, I don’t have either but according to 2 of my cousins who play you can’t go wrong with either)

and then whatever you’d like after. Save it, or maybe invest in a toon you’d like. you have SW or Cable, go ahead and get their unis. Thanos and the BO too if you’re looking to upgrade them

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I would replace IW Cap with Bucky as Cap isn’t that good at T2 and only really shines at T3. Completely agree with the rest of what you said tho

Yeah, but I’m guessing if you’re willing to T2 Cap you’re willing to work for a T3. Guess it depends on whether you’re looking for something in the short run or long run

Cap is a chapter 1-8 char so he’s insanely easy to get to T2. T3ing him is much more of an investment and I wouldn’t recommend any new player to go for a T3 until they have a fairly diverse roster.

Yeah, fair point. I’d still pick him up though, might as well take advantage of the sale.

Definitely. I’d prioritize IW Bucky, Thor and Spidey above him tho.

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IW CAP , IW Winter Soldier, IW THOR, IW Quicksilver, IW Scarlet Witch, IW Thanos

Magneto pack

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Why go for Thanos, QS and SW if he's a new player?

QS is understandable as he’s probably the first native T2 any new player should go for. The other two are definitely more end game material tho.

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