Anyone have a good rotation for IW Proxima?

Anyone have a good rotation for IW Proxima? I’ve noticed some of her skills are only situational iframes and they aren’t iframes if she’s either too close to the enemies or too far. I want a rotation that’ll keep her safe in ABX, especially cuz I don’t have a snare immunity obelisk on her.

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I don't have a good rotation for her, I just got a feel for how long it takes each skill to enter i-frame and then kite in between. It's annoying having to kite, but with max CDR you don't have to do much of it. I'm also working on a snare resist obe for her since the only mode I use her in is ABX - seems like it'd be worth the investment.

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Damn, i just finally bought her uniform, but if i have to kite with her i think i will rather continue using Hela since i prefer when i can play one-handed just with mouse while lying on the couch :-P

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