Hmm. Can buy two more uniforms, but really conflicted on which to get:

Falcon (Marvel Legacy)
Spider-Man (Infinity War)
Black Widow (Infinity War)
Black Dwarf (Infinity War)
Ant-Man (AM&W)
Wasp (AM&W)

None of these characters will see regular play for me outside of Shadowlands, and maybe heavily restricted timeline weeks. The most powerful seems like it might be quicksilver, but none of these characters are going to be built up for awhile, and most of them are only considerations because of their bonus option effects (ex: Falcon boosts IW Thor, IW Scarlet Witch and X-Force Cable). Any suggestions?

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Maybe keep in mind Shuri might be useful as WBU support (her uni boosts that) plus the CTP. That's my two cents though :P

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Do you know how much of a boost the uni gives? It's already pretty decent just at T2 alone.

Hey again, I already bought it, it adds a 10% damage increase (45%) and a 10% damage decrease (35%) so it's a rather nice improvement!

No, but I'm probably gonna buy it this black friday, if I do I will tell you.

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