I will have 4380 crystals by the end of the black friday sale.

I will have 4380 crystals by the end of the black friday sale. These are the options I'm considering:

  • Buy Emma Frost + 3 bio packs (4375 crystals)

  • Buy Emma Frost, keep her at T1, and get unis: Shuri, Cable, Quicksilver (4375 crystals)

  • Get unis: Shuri, Cable, Quicksilver, Satana (ABX), Anti-Venom (3875 crystals)

  • Get unis: Shuri, Cable, Quicksilver, RagnaThor (just for the card), Hela (just for the CTP) (4375 crystals)

My IGN is Rathkud. I'm really unsure of what to do here, and open to suggestions for other unis aswell. None of those characters are exactly my favorites so I'm going for utility here. Other unis I'm interested in are RagnaHulk (afraid he will get a better one with Avengers 4 and I'll be wasting crystals) and Wasp for TL, maybe those are better than Hela just for the CTP? Orrrr I don't know :P

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Ragna Thor/Hela/Loki are all great options for the rewards. There aren't many outlets for guaranteed CTP/Premium cards, and all of those unis make the characters considerably better (although Thor is still outclassed by IW Thor). It's going to be months before the next Avengers movie so I wouldn't get too hung up on waiting for that Hulk uni.

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I already have Loki :3 The thing about Hulk is, I don't really think I would use him that much with my current roster, maybe in AC and occasionally in SL but not in TL and probably not in WBU either so that's why I figured I'm better off waiting for avengers 4. So, with your comment, would you say the fourth option is the best?

I'd say either 3 or 4. Maybe switch Hela out of 4 for Anti-Venom for WBU.

Yeah I was actually thinking that. Since I'm not sure Satana is worth it, what with Captain Marvel coming in March to take care of Universal Fem Hero day, but Venom can be useful. I might do this, thanks!

I really love my Emma so everyone in me screams : ONE !!!! One argument is also that we don't know when she will be again on sale, while uniforms will be at least back on the "normal" sale in a few weeks. On the other hand, the 3 and 4 will mostly give you more bangs for the bucks, especially if your not a big Emma fan.

Yeah, I'm no big Emma fan, nor would I have enough crystals left to get the uni anyways, so even though I hear she's great, I chose the last options instead :P thanks anyway!

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