Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Should I get the BP pack (just to get the P card) or buy QS, Cable and SW uni. I don't have Cable and SW built yet.

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The BP card honestly is not that good, Thor and Loki are much better IMO, I would get the uniforms

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Thank you, may I ask why the BP pack card is not that good? I thought it would complement the ragnathor P card well since one is physical and the other energy attack increase. The ignore defense and scd addition I thought was useful too. Should I just get a ftp card with increase physical attack instead?

Honestly I just think physical attack is not a desirable stat, there are only like 5 or 6 meta physical attackers, and 20+ meta energy attackers, plus G2P cards like Punisher/Groot/Nebula/Drax are arguably just as good, and way cheaper of an investment.

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